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Banana contains a rich source of potassium, minerals, and many nutrition. It is a rich source of sugar(glucose, fructose, and sucrose) and fiber which provides energy for the active person.         
Vitamin A and B are available in adequate amounts in the form of thiamine, niacin, and folic acids in banana. It helps in increasing your weight but it can also help to reduce your weight. 

Banana Nutrition

Banana fruits are appreciated for their rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins. and poor in fats content. Therefore, it is widely consumed as a low-fat diet. The nutrition information from the USDA database representing a medium size banana is given below in the table.

S.No.ContentsAvailability in 100 gm
1Water74.91 gm
2Energy89 kcal
3Protein1.09 gm
4Total fat0.33 gm
5Carbohydrate22.84 gm
6Total dietary fiber2.60 gm
S.No.VitaminsAvailability in 100 gm
1Vitamin C8.7 mg
2Thiamin0.031 mg
3Riboflavin0.073 mg
4Niacin0.665 mg
5Pantothenic acid0.334 mg
6Vitamin B60.367 mg
7Vitamin A64 mg
S.No.MineralsAvailability in 100 gm
1Calcium5 mg
2Iron0.26 mg
3Magnesium(Mg)27 mg
4Phosphorus(P)22 mg
5Potassium(K)358 mg
6Sodium(Na)1 mg
7Zinc(Zn)0.15 mg
8Copper(Cu)0.078 mg
9Manganese(Mn)0.27 mg
10Selenium(Se)1 mg
11Fluoride(F)2.2 mg

Health Benefits of Eating Banana

There are a lot of health benefits eating one or two bananas daily.  The person who eats one or two bananas daily, that person has more energy level than an ordinary person. So let’s see the benefits of eating banana one by one.

13 Amazing health benefits of eating bananas

1. Weight loss: If you think such that the weight increases by eating the banana and you will obese then you are thinking wrong. Such is not exactly.  To do Workout is necessary with the banana intake. If you do less workout and you eat more banana, it may increase fats in your body.2. Relief from Depression: Many research has found that patients who are suffering from depression, they should intake banana because banana contains such proteins that provide relief to the depression patients. 3. Anemia:  Anemia occurs due to the lack of hemoglobin in the body. If you are a sufferer from anemia, you should eat bananas daily. Because it fulfills hemoglobin deficiency in the body. The intake of banana decreases gradually iron deficiency in the body and improves the problem of anemia in the body.
4. Constipation: Banana relieves the problem of constipation in the stomach. If you eat a banana with milk every night while sleeping, you will get relief from constipation and gas problems in your stomach.
5. Remove weakness: If you feel weakness, you should eat one or two bananas.  The intake of banana increases the body’s strength by increasing blood volume in the body. If you intake banana and milk together per day or you eat one or two banana and drink milk after eating then you will be fit in a few days and your weakness will go away. The weak person is advised to eat bananas. If your weight is low and you want to increase it, you do not need to intake available protein powder in the market. You make a banana milkshake and drink it daily. The banana milkshake can be made by mixing together two bananas and milk in the grinder.  You can also eat one or two bananas and after that, you can drink milk from which you will immediately feel fit after drinking.
6. Relief in a dry cough: If you or your child has a problem of a dry cough, you will get relief with drinking of banana milkshake. To make the banana milkshake, you add banana, milk and white cardamom in the mixer, mix it well for one minute and drink it. 
7. Improves Digestive system: Banana contains fiber which helps in keeping the digestion function improve and keep us away from many diseases. If you intake bananas daily, your digestive system will be good always. Banana should be eaten after meals. It will help to digest your food.
8. Benefit in Diarrhea/Loose motion:  If someone has had diarrhea in your house, take one ripe banana and some sugar candy in the mixer grinder and blend it like a butter. Now take it twice or thrice a day. By doing this, you will get relief from the problem of loose motion.

9. Benefit for Heart: Banana contains the amount of potassium. When you eat bananas then potassium is mixed with the blood of our body and spread in the whole body through the nerves that help to keep our heart healthy. 
10. Benefit in Diabetes: Banana is a good source of pectin, a type of fiber which helps to control the sugar level in the blood. Diabetes patients do not eat sweet but can eat bananas in diabetes and can also get nutrients from the bananas. 
11. Reduces Cholesterol: Banana contains magnesium which is helpful in thinning the blood. If a person ‘s cholesterol level has been increased, he must eat bananas definitely.
12. Lack of blood: If there is a lack of blood in your body then you do not have to worry about it. You can drink milk with cardamom after eating two or three bananas. The lack of blood will get away in your body very shortly.
13. Provides energy: After doing physical exercise, you can get instant energy eating bananas and will not feel weakness.

Right time of eating Banana

The banana is found in any country in the world very easily. It is not seasonal fruits. It can be eaten 12 months easily. ➤ After the exercise, banana should be intake. You can get instant energy after eating the banana.
➤ If you are associated with any sports and do physical exercises, you should eat bananas for getting instant energy. You will be seen in any sports that the players always eat bananas between shots from which they get instant energy.
➤ It is good to intake bananas when you are in a tense mood. Amino acids are found in banana which helps to lower the hormones of stress in the body. Therefore,  you should eat one or two bananas daily for good health.
➤ Students should eat bananas at the time of examination from which students get energy in the body for long time study and be able to study for a long time. Banana contains high potassium that helps in sharpening the minds of the students.
➤ Banana should be eaten after breakfast in the morning. You can also eat in the afternoon. You will not feel hungry But banana should not eat empty stomach. Because manganese is present in banana which goes into the empty stomach and spoils the level of calcium in the body that harms for the health. 

Benefits of eating banana with milk

1. If you eat banana with milk, you will get more calorie in the body. The banana with milk is also called banana milkshake. Banana milkshake provides high proteins in your body. If you want to be thick, you must intake banana milkshake. In addition to this, you will get vitamins, minerals, and fiber. 2. If you intake banana with milk, The beauty of your face will increase and you will look more beautiful than before.
3. You should eat the banana milkshake after doing exercise. You get instant energy from it. 
4. Banana milkshake also helps to make bone stronger. 
5. You can increase your weight by intake of banana with milk. 

Banana side effects

➤ Excessive banana intake can also be harmful to health. Eating too much banana will feel heaviness in the stomach from which you will also feel laziness. Therefore, you should not eat the excessive banana.➤ Intake excessive amount of banana can increase your body weight due to which the problem of migration, gas, and pain in the stomach can occur. ➤ Bananas contain starch, which can lead to constipation by eating more quantity.➤ Allergic may also occur from the banana intake to some people. 
Final words: 
We hope that this article will help you to know some details about Banana nutrition, Health benefits of banana, Side effects of banana, and the right time of eating the banana with milk. Banana with milk drink is very beneficial for health. I also prefer this drink and enjoy very much with chocolate flavor. You can also try this drink with chocolate flavor.